• Oh man!! Just shut the fuck up!!!


    Hiya! Yeah I know "Oh Chlowi you're still alive?" Well kinda...

    I came back from holidays a week ago now, completely broken, horse-riding...you know that kind of stuff... Anyway, it was aaaaawesome!! Great landscape, great people, great food, great horses (killers!).
    We had an amazing weather, yes! It's not always raining here, really shinny and warm perfect.

    Good to see mum and dad, good to be the centre of all the attentions...^^

    Northern Ireland, the Donegal and his strange little and full of hairpin bends roads (speed limits 100km/h...normal) Nice really nice.

    Then, go back to normal, kids, english classes, gym (hard...really hard...)

    With the kids, it's great now, I really hope it'll last...

    English class...well I should be doing my homework right now, but I feel that it can wait for a moment... I think sometimes it's too easy...

    Gym, a new challenge starts today, the "Sexy Summer Challenge", I'm in of course, didn't have choice...

    Saturday, I went to the movie by myself to see "300", really great movie, terrific, a visual "chef d'oeuvre"... I was moved at the end, but nothing compared to this little chinese girl sat next to me who was crying her head off..., see, there's worse than me...

    Sunday, I met up with Margaux back from France, shopping, Boots, Topshop, classic... then movie again, "Alpha Dog", the real story of young men , drug dealers in California who kidnap a kid of 15 just to make his big brother pay the money he owes to Johnny the "boss" (Emile Hirsch), they play the "bad guys", but Frankie (Justin Timberlake...hiiiiii Justiiiiiiiiiiin) starts to like the kid and try to protect him, but they've gone too far... I won't tell more about the story... a really violent film, shocking, with at least one "fuck" a sentence... but a really good one. (see trailer down there)

    After the movie, a chinese take-away, we headed to Slah's flat, I ate then went home grabbing a cab in the street, the chauffeur started to talk about french elections...great.

    Today, after dropping the kids at school I went to the doctor, a bad cough since a week started to worry hostdad and hostmum. Of course doctor Sam Nasser started to talk about elections, even in the waiting room on TV it was about that! I have a bronchitis, contagious, so antibiotics, cortizone, syrup...great.
    The good thing with this problem, the kids have to be quiet, not make me shout or annoy me, anyway I can't shout, the medecine just knock me down, just wanna sleep...

    Ok, from now it's 2 months and a half from my come back in France, the definitive one.
    But I have to move away a bit, I couldn't stand staying here in Ireland, so maybe for the first weekend of May we'll go to London for the bank holiday weekend and if we can't, I'll figure out something to come over in France.
    I want to sweat me too!! I want to tan! Why should I be as white as a fart when I come back?
    And most of all I miss some really important people and some of them miss too... we'll figure it out, don't worry!

    This weekend, surprise for Margaux, birthday present, I hope she'll like it... ^^
    Well I think that's it, first article entirely in english, no doubts there are some mistakes... nobody's perfect!
    See ya!

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